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As an essential business, Meridian is open and working remotely to continue to serve homeowners.

Is Meridian Home Mortgage Legit?

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Is Meridian Home Mortgage Legit?

Meridian Home Mortgage is dedicated to our customers.

You have a lot of questions about us, which is normal. Not many people have heard of Meridian before they do business with us, but we bank on the fact that responsible homeowners like yourself will do the research. And here you are.

So, to answer the question that landed you here, we'd like to share a fact with you: Meridian has funded billions of dollars' worth of closed loans since opening our doors in 2001.

But, helping to get loans funded isn't all we do.

How We Help Homeowners

Collectively, we help homeowners shave hundreds off their monthly payments.

We provide thousands in additional cash back for homeowners to use however they please.

After almost two decades of assistance to homeowners, we know the refinance process like the back of our hands. And, there is a pattern to our recipe for successful refinances.

Our teams don't work on commissions. Instead, our people-first approach to lending keeps us focused on the families we treat like our own. And, we frequently ask customers how we're doing in this pursuit.

We Encourage Customer Feedback

We actively seek input from our customers through every stage of the refinance process. These surveys and reviews are how we gauge where our team needs to improve. It's also how we ensure that you are being taken care of.


And, taking care of customers is only the beginning. We've come to realize that great customer service is powered by the committed workforce behind it.

We Won the Baltimore Business Journal's Best Places to Work Contest

Meridian: Winner of BBJ's Best Places to Work, 2017

Meridian Wins BBJ's Best Places to Work, 2017

How do you create a dedicated workforce that is motivated to fight for customers every day? By taking care of the employees who take care of you. Our company won the Baltimore Business Journal's Best Places to Work contest because of our dedication to create a great company culture that works to help homeowners achieve successful financial futures.

Check out our company culture for yourself. You can also meet the staff that will be serving you throughout this process.

We Are Here to Help

Our team is always here to answer any questions you may have about our company, the refinance processes, and about refinancing in general.

If you'd like to know how we can help you, call us at 877-878-0100 or visit us at

P.S. – If you received a letter from us in the mail, then we're already confident we can help you. That's why we prequalified you! Reach out and see how we can save you hundreds of dollars every month.