Dave Committe

I had an adjustable rate mortgage that continued to go up and up and up, so I decided to refinance. Also, I wanted to have extra cash to do some odds and ends. I chose Meridian Home Mortgage because Dave really seemed to know what he was doing, and the company had a friendly atmosphere.

James T., Norwood, PA.

I would recommend Dave Committe at Meridian Home Mortgage to any and everyone. As a first time home buyer I didn’t know all the ins and outs of buying a home. Dave was very knowledgeable, fast, efficient and helpful. Whenever I had a question he had a answer. There wasn’t any phone tag, if I needed something he had it to me the same day most of the time within a few minutes. Thank you for everything!

Rick S.

Got the checks!! Now I’m payin’ bills like a son-of-a-B!! and it feels soooo good! Thanks for your help!

Chris D, Seattle, WA.

Dave Committe

Meet Our Team

Dave Committe – Loan Officer, NMLS #67324

Please allow me to introduce myself, my name is Dave Committe and I am a Licensed Loan Officer here at Meridian Home Mortgage.

I live in Elkridge, Maryland, a short drive from Baltimore. I like living in Elkridge because it’s near downtown Baltimore so I can take my family to the Inner Harbor, the Ravens Stadium (even though I am a Redskin fan from early on), Oriole Park at Camden Yards, and some good spots to go fishing.

I was born in Washington, DC and I grew up with an older sister named Laura. I’m very proud of my sister because Laura has a big family and she’s still able to work full time as a school teacher helping her students learn calculus.

It’s a great feeling to have a hand in helping people!

Dave Committe

Before coming to Meridian in 2005, I worked in the finance division at Toyota Motor Corp. I like working in the mortgage field much better because I like seeing people save money instead of spending it!

Outside of work, I like to spend time goofing off with my kids. I like to play football and go hiking with the boys and I go fishing with my daughter. I support my sons’ football program at Howard High School. Someday I would like to join the coaching staff.

In my spare time, I enjoy bowling, fishing and hiking. I also like to travel to different parts of the country such as Florida and out west in the winter for some big mountain skiing. Last year we went to Vermont on a ski trip and had great fun. I can’t wait to go back. I hope to take an international trip to Rome in the near future.

As a Loan Officer for Meridian, I’ll personally talk with you to learn your objectives and expectations and make recommendations that will best fit your needs. Our team works to accomplish your specific goals. Additionally, I concentrate on any specific concerns that you may have. It’s a great feeling to have a hand in helping people!