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Refinance Made Easy
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Bob R.
| Nashua NH
"This refinancing has allowed me to consolidate all my high interest credit card debt into a single monthly mortgage payment. Thank you for helping my family…we now have "healthy" debt and can begin to save some money every month."
Israel R.
| Golden Valley MN
"Fantastic! Shopped 4 different companies and these guys/gals were the best. The best deal financially, and I basically sat back while they did all the work. I HIGHLY recommend them."
Larry L.
| Davenport IA
"Meridian made my dream a reality. I was skeptical when I received the initial offer in the mail. I made the call and…within a matter of weeks all was approved, underwritten and ready to sign."
Tiffannie A.
| McMinnville, OR
"This is our 3rd time refinancing and it was such a pleasant experience compared to the others. Thank you for being so thorough, answering all our questions and keeping us informed of where we were in the process."