Restore Damaged Credit

Restore Damaged Credit

Many prospective borrowers are unable to qualify for low rates or obtain loan approvals because of damaged credit, late payments, bankruptcies or foreclosures.

Often times credit reports can contain old medical collections or errors that may impact consumers’ credit scores. This derogatory credit can be frustrating for many homeowners who would otherwise qualify for a new home loan.

We Have Great News

Sometimes all it takes is a small credit score increase to get qualified. Don’t let a few blemishes prevent you from lowering your rate or consolidating your debt. You could be just a month or two away from being able to qualify for a mortgage that can save you thousands of dollars.

It’s never too late to begin the restoration process. The fastest and easiest way to resolve an inaccuracy on your credit report is through the online Credit Report Dispute process located on each of the three major credit bureau websites – Equifax, Experian and TransUnion.

Once your dispute is completed, please contact us for a new credit report. Thank you and good luck!