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Jacob Holland

Jacob Holland

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Jacob Holland – Loan Officer, 1481229

My name is Jacob Holland and I am a licensed Loan Officer here at Meridian.

I am a lifelong resident of Baltimore, MD and like to spend my free time with family, friends, and my Blue Heeler dog, Snoop. I also like to read and watch movies, and I even write my own short novels and screenplays.

Two fun facts about me: before I worked for Meridian I ran two companies since the age of 16, and I can speak Italian, French, and Spanish.

I decided to become a loan officer because I wanted the opportunity to help others while playing a part in the national economy. I knew Meridian was the right place for me a few weeks into working for the company when I realized how tight-knit we are. We’re like a second family at Meridian.

I enjoy helping others to put themselves where they want to be financially.

Jacob Holland

I enjoy being a loan officer because I like hearing all the stories from our clients and getting to learn about people who are from different places and cultures while building my relationships with different individuals.