Credit Card Consolidation

I was able to wipe out the rest of my credit cards, get money to fix up my house, lower my interest rate, and knock 10 years off my house. Meridian was great.

Kenneth L., Oxon Hill, MD.

Credit Card Consolidation

Use Home Equity to Pay Off High-Interest Credit Card Debt

By consolidating your credit card bills you can:

  • Eliminate those high-interest credit card bills that keep piling up.
  • No longer worry about just making the minimum payments every month.
  • Rest easy every time the phone rings knowing that it’s not another collection call.
  • Take advantage of the tax benefits by rolling your payments into your new tax-deductible mortgage loan. Because your mortgage payment is tax deductible your credit card debt can also be included in your refinanced loan, which can lower your tax liability.
  • Get access to a lump sum of cash to do whatever you like

Give yourself a bailout!

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