Debt Consolidation

I didn’t feel good about my personal finances, so I looked to refinance my home. After refinancing with Meridian Home Mortgage, I feel 100% better!

Clifford B., Virginia Beach, VA

Debt Consolidation

Consolidate Bills into One Easy Monthly Payment

Meridian Home Mortgage’s Cash Out Refi Program allows you to use the equity in your home to combine your high interest debt into a new home loan with one low, monthly payment.

With our Cash Out Refinance Programs you may be able to:

Learn more on how Meridian Home Mortgage can consolidate your debt and save you money right away:
How cash-out refinancing works.


“Save more than $600 on your monthly bills”

Credit Card Consolidation
Refinance to consolidate credit card debt

Mortgage Refinance
Lock in a better rate and lower your mortgage payments

Cash Out Refinance
Give yourself cash to do whatever you want